Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker

The accuracy of the location that shows you the GPS of your Android depends largely on the tuning of the electronics and software settings. If these are not set, the connection with GPS satellites and their subsequent location could not be correct. Not all devices have the same sensors or GPS antennas and some of them may have many problems connecting to the GPS satellite positioning owe.

In some cases these problems may originate in the very construction of the device, the operating system settings or positioning software.

Let's go step by step to go solving problems, until your GPS work perfectly.

One of the most common problems in the GPS Android is the wrong compass calibration of your smartphone that simply does not mark your position precisa.Después way to make sure your Android compass is properly configured, it is time to optimize the location for the GPS connection faster.

In many cases, manufacturers apply GPS settings for use in countries in Asia or Latin, but then they are to be used on the opposite side of the world.

You can change this setting using an app that surprises with its simplicity and effectiveness. This app is called GPS Spain and available in Google Play. The only requirement will be the root user and have installed on your Android BussyBox.

When you start, you will see the Off button. Click on it to apply the configuration changes and restart your device.

If you do not live in Spain or have plans to travel to other countries using the GPS in your smartphone, you can use the app GPS Fixer from the same developer that gives you the necessary settings for your GPS to work properly on a number of other countries.

If you want to return to the original settings of your smartphone, simply touch on activated and restaurarán.El mystery for more than two months ago has made three truckloads of citrus have finished lost in the mountainous area of ​​Ezcaray Rioja may have an explanation .
This past weekend were lost to another trucker the Rioja town, the third after two other drivers had to be rescued after finishing forest tracks in separate villages in this mountainous region of La Rioja. The first, which went from Murcia to Riga (Latvia), ended in a narrow forest path; the second truck driver who drove the same truck that was lost for the first time, but this time from Valencia to Lithuania, was rescued about to fall into a river in the village of Posadas.

The Criminal Court No. 3 of Almería has sentenced a resident of Almeria to nine months in prison for placing a GPS device on the underbody of his ex-wife "with intent to have a direct and permanent control over the development of life daily from it. "

The judgment given by conformity and consulted by Efe, which includes processing, J.C.V., a native of Cadiz, had been previously convicted and consisted ban approaching his wife within 500 meters.
However, since July 2015 without her having knowledge of the action, he placed a GPS tracking device in the underbody of the woman with the "intention to have a direct and permanent control over the development of daily life is".

From this moment the man 'cause he could locate and meet him, "as happened on September 3, in the Andalusian village of Huércal de Almería.

On these facts the defendant has been sentenced to nine months in prison for a crime of breach of continued conviction, although he had been acquitted of another crime of aggravated coercion continued, which also was accused by the prosecutor.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Obama presented an optimistic view on the future of the US in his last State of the Union speech about

Obama presented an optimistic view on the future of the US, in his last speech on the state of the Union.

US President Barack Obama tried Tuesday to present an optimistic view on the future of the US, in his last speech on the State of the Union, in the context of moving towards its final year in the White House and wants to consolidate its legacy two terms, comments Wednesday DPA .

I believe in change because I believe in you, he said in a speech delivered to Congress on the State of the Union, incorporating the themes of the election campaign in 2008. Therefore here confident as always that the state of our union is strong, said the US president.

Obama dismissed his political opponents and rhetoric of candidates vying to replace White House rhetoric that the US economy is in decline.

He argues that the American economy is in decline colportează falsehoods, he said, an apparent reference to candidates in the Republican primary elections and the opposition in Congress.

The speech did not include concrete policy proposals. Obama said instead that lawmakers must address the big problems no matter who will be the next president and that those challenges are how to provide economic opportunities, how to make technology more accessible to people, how to be kept US security and how to be improved political climate.

On foreign policy, Obama has tried to defend its doctrine of building coalitions and cooperation, to the detriment of military interventions and nation building, as was the case in the past.

The main priority is to protect the American people and hunted terrorist networks, Obama said, stressing that the jihadist group Islamic State "does not threaten US national existence.

Masses fighters sitting in the back of the jeep and tortured spirits who plot in apartments or garages are an enormous danger to civilians and must be stopped. But they do represent an existential threat to our nation, the US president said, according to AFP.

He resumed his call to lawmakers to authorize military action in Iraq and Syria, permission that he asked her for the first time after more than a year to replace legislation currently in force after the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 and before the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Obama also urged Americans not to repeat the idea that Islam is the Islamic State, but to identify them as terrorists - murderers and fanatics who must be eradicated, hunted down and destroyed.

He welcomed international climate agreement signed in December in Paris and nuclear understanding with Iran and the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

Obama also urged Congress to approve Transatlantic Partnership trade agreement between 12 states agreed last year to lift the embargo on Cuba and that lasts 50 years. He promised to continue to try to close the detention center at Guantanamo.

The leader of the White House tried to expand their speech to a list of proposals for the following year to a broader discussion about the future.

He urged the congressmen to overcome political partisanships put him often in dispute with Congress controlled by Republicans, and that will only intensify before the elections.

It can reach a better future, but this will only happen if we put in place the policy.

Speaking directly to elected representatives, he said that many of them have said they would like to cooperate more, but they are dependent on their political donors or party partisanship.

On the other hand, Obama appealed to the American people not to fall victim to frustration, tribalism and fanaticism.

We can not afford to go down this slope, we will not have the economy that we want or the security that we want and, most importantly, would contradict everything that makes us the envy of the world, he said.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The secret bunker

The secret bunker.

The secret bunker.
How the new Ford GT was built by a handful of people in a darkroom at the heart of the American brand.
Because the essence of success stories unexpected auto world focuses on people who invented the diamond when and where nobody see them possible or probable. And these people have shook the world. Since the advent of the bomb Ford Mustang Volkswagen Beetle in the 60s, from the sensational BMW M1's explosion Lancia Delta. Whether it's between us-what good would that Delta explode once longer and save an Italian brand that today seems doomed!

Finally, even Dacia Logan - or the concept behind Dacia stark - part of the same scenario: a story begins a brilliant idea arose when others were busy bătătorească same paths. The key word: courage. The courage to try something new or, as said Steve Jobs, the courage to be the one trying to change the world. Little by little.

Today's story takes place in a basement in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. It seems the beginning of a family business or story stock reached a rock band that performed at the stage of hope in a dark club to the superstar on the international scene. But it away.

It's almost unbelievable that in the current era, the online connection brings people instantly and turns intimacy within that exists only in dictionaries, a team of 12 people working in the design office of a major car manufacturer can work in secret a design that does not know anyone.

Office of Research and Development Ford of Michigan is across from the Henry Ford Museum, "one of the biggest attractions of America", as written on the fence surrounding the history of the brand bearing the name of a man who signs meant just a fad. It's a building with no floors, but with a right-left corridor that winds long enough, if you're not focused in space, simply get lost.
Skip besides hundreds of paintings hung on walls and gathers the most beautiful car designed by Ford near Detroit. And besides dozens of locked doors modern, combination or card reader, which house the offices of the American brand secrets: Design, Modeling, autonomous vehicle systems research, concept development, interior materials and so on.


One look through a cracked door and probably you eye to eye with a future Fiesta. Or any SUV waiting to be approved. Or future interior of cars would drive themselves. Overall, automakers are working today to what you see on the streets over 3-4-5 years. "The cars of today are history for us," he told me some time ago a designer.

People living in the past and future alike.

10 minutes into the march, and opens a door. Behind her is not, however, no room, drawing no secret, no outline of the future. They're winding metal stairs that go down to the basement. After a few steps you wake up confused in the middle of another corridor, this time much less "friendly". Huge metal shelves left and right, empty and full cans thrown on shelves, molds used in the construction a few years ago who knows whose concept and generally a warehouse atmosphere. You sound like self-service area at Ikea, where you fill carts with furniture packed into boxes and flat cardboard which is cream colored omniprezentă.După dozens meter slalom through the boxes, get next to a metal door with paint here and there decrepit that seems forgotten by the world. On her left and right, a bunch of already shaped cubic meters of polystyrene or raw, as was luck. This door does not have key card access or sensors, but a normal lock with a key as normal.

The door behind which a handful of people in 2015 produced a car that took the auto industry not only surprise but also Ford bosses themselves. Project Phoenix, as they called coded those involved in them. The new Ford GT, fabulous modern version of a machine version of competition on the knee bent by Ferrari in the 60 Le Mans 24h races as well. People have raised. The first step was to study the team's Ford GT40 line, which appeared on the market in 1964 with the clear aim to fight with Ferrari at Le Mans, Nurburgring and Indianapolis. The study was so serious that the engine selection, for example, was a secondary criterion in relation to aerodynamics. That's because - imagined designers and engineers of small team - the new car was to follow in the footsteps of the first GT and participate in the competition version of the toughest endurance races of this. Target: Le Mans.

Being a car developed with the aim of competing in endurance racing version of Ford GT road will be one of the most aggressive cars on the market. It will look like in photos and fix the version proposed by Ford at its own booth at the Salon in Detroit this year. What is very interesting is that today there are secret room in Dearborn three scale models 1: 1 Ford GT's. He placed one behind the other, they practically developments attest to stage car lines clay replica at replica inoperative and then the functional replica of aluminum.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Doctors and lawyers may be replaced by robots

Doctors and lawyers may be replaced by robots

Artificial intelligence is getting ready to trigger changes within the marketplace alarming, immeasurable doctors, lawyers and different specialists area unit threatening to remain on the surface, warn specialists collaborating within the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Andrew Moore, dean of Carnegie philanthropist University computing to point out that cars already perform several of the "tedious tasks of officials' computers having the ability to assist acocaţii million to organize documents for trials, reports The Telegraph.

"One once another, you will see that i believed that activities need personal intelligence are often automatic," aforementioned Moore throughout a seminar in Davos.

In his read, several of the professions that individuals suppose it needs intelligence, like lawyers and medical professions are often mostly automatic and careers of this kind may limit.

Ya-Qin Zhang, president of Baidu, the biggest Chinese company that has net search services, believes that AI will build individuals a lot of lazy and a lot of addicted to technology.

As computers become a lot of intelligent, individuals are going to be a lot of dependent, they recede intelligent and lazy, as a result of they're going to not suppose such a lot as they are doing commonly. this can be a priority , he said.

Despite these warnings, the participants within the discussion united that the outlook remains positive overall marketplace, with roles evolve the artistic sectors.

Recent analysis conducted by University of Oxford shows that therapists, workers within the health and social sector area unit least exposed to the danger of automation, whereas workers in teleselling activities and insurance agents area unit within the greatest danger.  Robots

There area unit some areas wherever we tend to use a lot of robots to assist those that stay holders roles like teaching or caring for his or her babies, activities that need care and human interaction, explained Moore.

According to extraordinary changes can occur, however the items {that can|which will|that may} build individuals mistreatment robotizării will become a lot of fascinating.

Christopher Pissarides, holder of a honor in economic science, and Erik Brynjolfsson, submitting a treatise at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warned that authorities would ought to fully reinvent education systems to adapt to the changes which will be brought by accumulated automation.  

They aforementioned that encouraging entrepreneurship is crucial.

It is troublesome to show machines to be actually artistic. it's nearly not possible for a mechanism to return up with a brand new business plan, aforementioned Brynjolfsson.

Stuart Russell, a academician of computing at the University of Calif., Berkeley, is extremely optimistic that the machines will improve the quality of living of the individuals.

If computer science will enhance our intelligence, then we tend to might mention a golden age of humanity, with the likelihood of eliminating malady and financial condition, expedited by technology,said Russell.
However, Russell thinks Autonomous cars area unit years off from turning into an everyday on the traffic, the computers aren't nevertheless good enough to manage all doable things.