Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker

The accuracy of the location that shows you the GPS of your Android depends largely on the tuning of the electronics and software settings. If these are not set, the connection with GPS satellites and their subsequent location could not be correct. Not all devices have the same sensors or GPS antennas and some of them may have many problems connecting to the GPS satellite positioning owe.

In some cases these problems may originate in the very construction of the device, the operating system settings or positioning software.

Let's go step by step to go solving problems, until your GPS work perfectly.

One of the most common problems in the GPS Android is the wrong compass calibration of your smartphone that simply does not mark your position precisa.Después way to make sure your Android compass is properly configured, it is time to optimize the location for the GPS connection faster.

In many cases, manufacturers apply GPS settings for use in countries in Asia or Latin, but then they are to be used on the opposite side of the world.

You can change this setting using an app that surprises with its simplicity and effectiveness. This app is called GPS Spain and available in Google Play. The only requirement will be the root user and have installed on your Android BussyBox.

When you start, you will see the Off button. Click on it to apply the configuration changes and restart your device.

If you do not live in Spain or have plans to travel to other countries using the GPS in your smartphone, you can use the app GPS Fixer from the same developer that gives you the necessary settings for your GPS to work properly on a number of other countries.

If you want to return to the original settings of your smartphone, simply touch on activated and restaurarán.El mystery for more than two months ago has made three truckloads of citrus have finished lost in the mountainous area of ​​Ezcaray Rioja may have an explanation .
This past weekend were lost to another trucker the Rioja town, the third after two other drivers had to be rescued after finishing forest tracks in separate villages in this mountainous region of La Rioja. The first, which went from Murcia to Riga (Latvia), ended in a narrow forest path; the second truck driver who drove the same truck that was lost for the first time, but this time from Valencia to Lithuania, was rescued about to fall into a river in the village of Posadas.

The Criminal Court No. 3 of Almería has sentenced a resident of Almeria to nine months in prison for placing a GPS device on the underbody of his ex-wife "with intent to have a direct and permanent control over the development of life daily from it. "

The judgment given by conformity and consulted by Efe, which includes processing, J.C.V., a native of Cadiz, had been previously convicted and consisted ban approaching his wife within 500 meters.
However, since July 2015 without her having knowledge of the action, he placed a GPS tracking device in the underbody of the woman with the "intention to have a direct and permanent control over the development of daily life is".

From this moment the man 'cause he could locate and meet him, "as happened on September 3, in the Andalusian village of Huércal de Almería.

On these facts the defendant has been sentenced to nine months in prison for a crime of breach of continued conviction, although he had been acquitted of another crime of aggravated coercion continued, which also was accused by the prosecutor.

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